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Iris Ring (Adjustable)

Iris Ring (Adjustable)

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This gorgeous 18K gold plated Iris Ring symbolizes the beauty of protection and strength. The bold, intricate design is inspired by the angry eye, a powerful symbol of protection and vigilance. The ring's vibrant gold plating is a reminder of the strength and courage we can all access when we open our eyes to our potential. Wear this beautiful statement piece to empower your own positive outlook.

💧 Water-, Heat- & Sweatproof
No tarnishing on our jewellery. Enjoy your jewellery in the gym, shower or even the sea.

🚚 Free Worldwide Shipping
We offer free shipping to all countries. Including a tracking code & instructions.

✅ Hypoallergenic (No Green Skin)
All our products are made with quality material & care. No materials leave any trace on the skin.

📜 Lifetime Warranty 
Enjoy a lifetime warranty. Any defects will be covered for a lifetime.

Our Iris Ring is easily adjustable so you can wear it on different vingers.  

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